The translation service “Parola” was created in November 2003 as an offshoot of an enterprise of the owner of the Agency, a translator of Italian. Therefore, it is a fruit of the ongoing development of his passion for foreign languages. Over the years, “modes” of operation of the Agency have been perfected, so that today it is easily recognisable in the business. Nowadays, the Agency provides translations in 40 languages. What are our assets? You can find them below. We refrain, however, from obvious claims that we are the best. We will neither add that we are professionals nor stress that our translators have experience of many years of work in translation, because such embellishments can often be found on web pages of other translation Agencies and they are unfounded. We state only facts about our bargaining cards, and these are as follows:

  • the agency’s experience in the translation sector dates back to 2003 (even greater is the experience of its owner as a translator, who started his career as a translator in 1996). Over the last 16 years, we have built our position on the market and developed modes of cooperation with the clients as well as with the translators. This is particularly important since nowadays the new, quickly established translation agencies often lack actual experience, both in contact with clients or translators, and in operations related to translation itself, despite their beautiful grandstanding claims on even more beautiful Internet pages;
  • we are continuously evolving – starting in 2016, we provide DTP services of typesetting, which is, undoubtedly, a further step towards offering aur clients a complex service. Due to the air traffic restrictions resulting from the current pandemic situation, and also the general restrictions in movement, we are providing a new type of service from now on – namely, the teleconference service!
  • short deadlines – we have always applied the “ASAP” principle as we understand that decisions in companies are often made at the last minute, when there is no time e.g. for translation;
  • we do not apply different rates for express ordinary (non-certified) translations – we translate quickly, as many pages as possible during one day, at a standard rate.
  • we specialise in written translations – we have prepared tens of thousands of ordinary and sworn translations, as well as oral consecutive (accompanying) translations. We also offer simultaneous (cabin) translations, but the demand for them is much lower.
  • long-term cooperation with many companies, which confirms our quality and reliability; we focus on flexibility which is essential to maintain a long-standing collaboration;
  • an ordinary translation page comprises 1800 characters with spaces, which makes the cost of translating one page lower as compared to many translation agencies offering translation of one page comprising only 1500 or 1600 characters, thus shorter and more expensive. This fact is often hidden or presented in an unclear way by such agencies; Basing on the 1800-characters-with-spaces page comes from the count of a typescript page, containing 60 characters per line, despite the contemporary rule of a translation being prepared on a computer. We follow this principle from the very beginning, without any deceitful wheeler-dealing practised by our competition.
  • “Parola” is founded upon close cooperation with verified translators and interpreters, which does not mean that all of them have work experience of a few dozens of years. We put our money on translators who are linguistically proficient and flexible in action. We cooperate with people on different stages in their translator’s careers, but you may be sure we do not exploit interns or electronic translators.
  • we are open to unusual hours for accepting orders – you can contact us after our working hours

Our weak sides? Begin your cooperation with us, and you’ll definitely find out we don’t have any! 🙂



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