Written Translations

Written regular translations

We do not distinguish every-day or specialist content/translations. We believe that nowadays all content to be translated is considered specialist in terms of specific industry or field. The translation of “love letters” happens very rarely, and even these are, in some way, “specialist translations”.

Thus, in our agency, the rates for regular translations are uniform and apply to all content, whether written in every-day or specialist language (technical, medical, legal, financial documents, etc.). We do not make any distinctions here.

In PAROLA, a page of regular translation equals 1800 characters with spaces, and thanks to that a translation page in our Agency is cheaper than in others that estimate the translation based on 1500 or 1600 characters with spaces resulting in more expensive translation pages. In PAROLA, the translation costs are calculated on the basis of base rates per one page. These rates apply if the content is less than one page (less than 1800 characters with spaces). In case of larger amount of content, these rates will be reduced due to the use of SDL Trados Studio software that supports the translation valuation process. This software does not take into account repetitions in the content, for which clients do not pay, thereby reduce the base rate used for valuation. Therefore, please send us the document /content to be translated so that we can quote it. We would like to emphasise that our pricing based on a specific content lowers the actual translation cost by several to several dozen percent in comparison with a translation rate for a single page. However, the rate reduction is each time based on the structure of the content.

Written translations containing graphics (complex tables, charts, diagrams) should be completed by graphic designers working in PAROLA through desktop publishing. Upon the client’s request, we provide Desktop Publishing services (DTP) or suggest providing such services if we notice that the content sent for translation will be illegible after translation due to the inconsistency of the content with the graphics.

Written sworn (certified) translations

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Made by a translator who has a special licence granted by the court and who is on the list of sworn translators kept by the Ministry of Justice. A page of sworn translation equals 1125 characters pursuant to the Law of 25 November 2004 on the Profession of a Sworn Translator. A character is any visibly printed character (a letter, a punctuation mark, a digit, a hyphen, etc.) as well as spaces between them, which are justified by the structure of the sentence. A new page is counted as whole.

All documents for official use (birth, marriage, and death certificates, school reports, diplomas, other certificates, car registration documents, bills, contracts, notarised deeds, court resolutions, letters of authority, financial statements) are subject to sworn translations. There is also a possibility of ordering a sworn translation of any text at the client’s request.

Terms & Conditions of
providing translation services

Terms & Conditions of
providing translation services