Written regular translations

applies to all texts written in every-day language, as well as specialist languages such as:

  • technical (manuals, technical descriptions, projects, catalogues, norms, schemes, etc.)
  • law (contracts, notarized acts, letters of authority, articles, acts, etc.)
  • medical (scientific articles, certificates, medical history and treatment results information, etc.)
  • economic (balances, audits, reports, business plans, etc.)
  • other types of specialist texts
  • general (business correspondence, trade offers, information about a company’s activity, marketing strategies, etc.)

In “Parola”, a page of regular translation equals 1800 characters with spaces, and thanks to that a translation page in our Agency is cheaper than in others, which take as a basis a translation page of 1500 characters with spaces, which is smaller and, therefore, more expensive. The number of pages is counted from the source text. Regular translation is priced as half the rate of the one given in our price list when a text in question contains less than 900 characters (counted in the target, translated text)

Written sworn translations

  • made by a translator who has a special licence granted by the court and who is on the list of sworn translators kept by the Ministry of Justice.
  • all documents for official use (birth, marriage, and death certificates, school reports, diplomas, other certificates, car registration documents, bills, contracts, notarised deeds, court resolutions, letters of authority, financial briefs) are subject to sworn translations. There is also a possibility of ordering a sworn translation of any text at the client’s request.
  • a page of sworn translation equals 1125 characters. A character is any visibly printed character (a letter, a punctuation mark, a digit, a hyphen, etc.) as well as spaces between them, which are justified by the structure of the sentence. A new page is counted as whole.


  1. Consecutive:
    • In consecutive interpretation, the text produced by the speaker and the translation is performed in concurrent turns.
    • It is mainly used during trade conferences, trainings, presentations, visits
  2. Simultaneous:
    • this kind of interpretation is done in a booth at the same time as the speaker is speaking. A translators’ team is working in pairs in special booths and the participants of the conference are listening to the translation through earphones.
  3. Sworn interpretation:
    • used during the signing of contracts, notarized deeds, court trials, etc. The translation is done by a sworn translator.

Every commenced hour of interpretation is counted as whole, e.g. 20 min. = 1 hour. Between 10 pm and 6 am the rate for the translation is increased by 50%.

Terms of cooperation

After receiving a complete written order (by Email or as a printed copy turned in at the “Parola” Translation Centre), containing:

  • specified information about the source language and the target language,
  • the kind of translation (sworn, normal, interpretation, etc.),
  • and the time of the order’s realisation,

The “Parola” Translation Centre prepares a written quote of the translation (based on the current price list) and evaluates the time needed to complete the project. We start translating only after receiving the final confirmation that the client accepts all our conditions.

The conditions of the order’s realisation.

Written translation:

  • The quote is based on the number of characters in the source language of the digital copy of the original text (Word, Excel or pdf files, scanned documents, etc.) or the printed copy. The employees of “Parola” Translation Centre act in good faith and are not held responsible for incorrect estimation of the number of pages of the documents handed in for translation. If the number of pages of the translation is bigger than it was initially estimated on the day when the order was placed, the final price for the service depends on the number of pages after translation.
    • for individual clients – the name, the telephone number and the address
    • for companies – the name of the person ordering, the name of the company, the telephone number, the address, NIP (Tax Identification Number), REGON (enterprise ID)
  • On placing the order, all we need is your full contact information, which contains:
  • If the estimated net price of the translation is more than 500 PLN, an advance payment of 30% must be paid in the office of “Parola” or a transfer receipt can be sent to us by email.
  • The final cost of a translation is calculated after it is completed and the price is based on the length of the text in the target language.
  • normal translation – 1 page = 1800 characters with spaces
  • sworn translation – 1 page = 1125 characters with spaces.
  • Completed translations can be picked up at the office of “Parola”, received by post (also COD), or by Email (only regular translation)


  • The quote is based on the estimated time of the interpretation, specified by the client in the order, according to the current price list. Consecutive translation – the minimum settlement is for two hours (even if the interpretation would last 45 minutes or an hour). Simultaneous translation is counted as minimum 4 hours (when the translator’s work is continuous and the translation takes place in the morning or in the evening) or, most often, for full 8 hours.
  • The order for interpretations should include full contact information:
  • for individual client – the name, the telephone number and the address of the client
  • for companies – the name of the person ordering, the name of the company, the telephone number, the address, NIP (Tax Identification Number), REGON (enterprise ID).

An advanced payment of 30% is required and must be made in the office of “Parola”, or else a transfer receipt can be sent to us by email.


Any complaints relating to a translation performed by “Parola” Translation Centre result neither in the reduction of the price nor in a refund of the amount paid.
After a complaint has been filed by a client, it is taken into careful consideration. If there is too large a disparity between the original text and its translation, the errors are corrected at the expense of “Parola” Translation Centre within the shortest deadline possible.

The realisation time

The order’s time of realization depends on the time category chosen by the client. We do not have different rates for regular translations – we translate as many pages as can be translated into another language in one day.

However, sworn translations are subject to the Law on the Profession of a Sworn Translator from 2004. Therefore, for them, two modes are offered:

  1. Regular mode – translation is ready on the next day – basic rate
  2. Express mode – translation is ready on the same day – increased rate.

The time of realisation is always adapted to the individual needs of the client. Larger projects or documents consisting of many smaller parts can be split among a team of professional translators, which helps to reduce the time needed for translation.

Sundays and official holidays are not taken into consideration while arranging realisation time and mode of the translation



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