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Translators and interpreters who would like to work for us as freelancers, please send your CV in Polish to the following address:

In addition, if you would like to translate for us, please send us your details by completing the TRANSLATOR/INTERPRETER DETAILS form (hover over the underlined link and click to open/download the file) so we could add your details to our database. Also, we would like you to sign and send us a scanned copy of the GDPR Consent concerning data protection and privacy. For more information, please read the Information on GDPR, which describes how Translation Agency PAROLA deals with data protection and privacy under of the General Data Protection Regulation.

We are open to cooperation not only with persons who know the foreign language(s) to the extent necessary for providing translations, but who also are flexible, and perform their work with patience and modesty. Therefore, the person who would like to cooperate with us (remotely, as a freelancer) does not need to have a master’s degree in philology or applied linguistics, but must prove that his/her knowledge of foreign language(s) is sufficient to be able to provide translations. We will verify all candidates based on their professional career, language certificates held, and the first translations done for us, which we will check and confirm that they are correct.

For regular (non-certified) translations, we prefer to cooperate with persons who use CAT tools that are compatible with SDL Trados Studio used by PAROLA.

Information for self-employed translators and interpreters

Please be advised that invoices issued in an electronic form should be sent to the following e-mail address: This is the only e-mail address to be used for this purpose. Invoices sent to other e-mail addresses used by my office may be omitted, and as a result, may not be settled.

Please include the entire ORDER NUMBER in the invoice title (or description on the invoice), which is sent by e-mail together with the complete order. The invoice should be issued to the name of the translator – the person who accepted the order (except for people working in business incubators, running a foundation, etc.). Invoices for completed translations issued by other entities on behalf of the contractor will not be accepted.

Also, please issue collective invoices for translations completed within a given month with the date of issue, e.g. on the penultimate or last day of the month in which the translations were made (e.g. a translation made in April will be invoiced with the date of issue on 29th or 30th April).

Other positions

Should a position becomes vacant or as required, PAROLA Translation Agency may employ Project Managers, proofreaders, post-editors, DTP designers and other staff who are involved in the translation process.

We advertise vacant position on recruitment websites. At the moment, we do not have any requirements but we know from experience that such an opportunity may arise so we will inform you about it here.

Any other matters related to the activities of PAROLA, such as complaints, comments, or observations, including those nice ones, such as e.g. compliments for the staff, should be send to the e-mail address of the owner at

Student internship opportunities

Students wishing to do the internship in Translation Agency PAROLA shall send an e-mail indicating the name of the university, scope / field of study and the number of hours required to complete the internship to:

Please note that internships can only be done during working hours in our office (it is not possible to complete a remote internship while being out of the office).

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