Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Providing Translation Services and Placing Orders

Terms & Conditions of Placing Orders


Ordering by e-mail – you can send your scanned documents to this address: kontakt@parola.com.pl . After receiving a complete written order containing:

  • specified information about the source language and the target language,
  • the kind of translation (sworn, normal, interpretation, etc.),
  • and the time of the order’s realisation,
  • for individual clients – the name, the telephone number and the address
  • for companies – the name of the person ordering, the name of the company, the telephone number, the address, NIP (VAT Number).

Translation Agency PAROLA prepares a written quote of the translation and evaluates the time needed to complete the order. The translation cost estimate is provided FOR FREE! We prepare quotations quickly, within 30 minutes of your enquiry! (However, for larger documents it may take from 60 to 90 minutes.) We start translating only after receiving the final confirmation that the client accepts all our conditions.


Ordering personally – you can come to our office with the text to be translated. Our staff will evaluate the cost, arrange deadlines and, in case of any doubts, will tell you whether a sworn or a regular translation is required. The translation cost estimate is provided FOR FREE!

Completed translations

Completed translations are sent by e-mail (for ordinary, non-certified translations), can be picked in person at our office or sent by post (letter) / courier service for an additional fee (in case of sworn translations). The latter can also be sent by e-mail as photocopies, but in such case they have no legal force.

Teleconference service

What you have to do is to contact us via telephone, e-mail or personally, and place the order for the teleconference service. The person who would like to order the service, and also the other party to the conversation, must have the WhatsApp application, intended for free voice and video calls, installed on their fixed and mobile devices, e.g. mobile phones (unless they use only one device – mobile phone, computer, tablet, etc.) and also an active Internet connection. Installing the app takes only a few minutes and it is a very easy procedure that may be performed by anyone who uses a mobile phone.

After estimating the order’s expected realisation time, our representative will provide you with the details for the wire transfer via text message or e-mail. In the event that you contact us via telephone, our representative will ask you for the e-mail address to which the Terms & Conditions for ordering the teleconference service will be sent (which can be read within 1-2 minutes). The service is payable for every 30 minutes of service, while the minimum charge is for 30 minutes, even if the interpretation lasts less than that. Exceeding the 30 minutes of the interpretation results in payment of another 30 minutes (the rates are cumulative), e.g. 35 minutes of interpretation would be paid as an hour (2 x half an hour) and 70 minutes as 1.5 hours (3 x half an hour).

After you have made the wire transfer, but before we provide the service, you are required to send us confirmation of the wire transfer, along with confirmation that you have read, understood and accept the Terms and Conditions, by means of an e-mail message “I confirm that I accept the Terms and Conditions of the teleconference service”. Subsequently, within a few minutes, our representative will establish the voice call (teleconference) using the WhatsApp application, in which our office – the interpreter, you, and the other party to the conversation will take part. The service may be provided as a voice call, in which the parties to the conversation can only hear each other, and video calls, during which the parties can also see each other. A representative from our office may intervene at any moment during the conversation/interpretation, as the conversation and the interpretation will be monitored in real time. In addition to the interpreter you are also allowed to talk to our representative.

In the event that a conversation which was supposed to last an hour, and for which you have paid for an hour of service, lasts less than that (e.g. no more than 30 minutes), the excess payment will be returned to you, to the same bank account from which we had received the wire transfer. Also, in the event that the conversation lasts longer than was previously agreed, we will ask you to make the appropriate supplementary payment.

After the completion of the teleconference service, our representative will call you again in order to provide the information about the return or the supplementary payment for the service and will send the invoice for the performance of services via e-mail.

The teleconference service can be provided across the entire range of languages in which we offer translation services. However, we reserve the right to refuse the order for interpretation in a given language in the event that there is no interpreter available at the time. We will inform you of this immediately after we receive your inquiry regarding the teleconference service.

Advance Payments

The companies that order translation services for the first time, if the translation cost estimate exceeds PLN 300 net, are required to make an advance payment in the amount of 45% of the translation cost estimate. Payments can be made in person in BT Parola’s office or via wire transfer to our company’s bank account, and the transfer confirmation shall be sent to us by e-mail.

The companies that currently cooperate with us (our existing customers) are not required to make advance payments, provided that the order value does not exceed PLN 2,000 net, otherwise an advance payment in the mount of 45% of the translation cost estimate is required.

Individual persons who order translation services for the first time and place orders by e-mail, are required to make advance payments in the full amount of the estimated order value; individual persons who place further orders (also our existing customers) are not required to pay in advance, unless the amount of the order exceeds PLN 300 net, then the advance payment in the amount of 45% of the translation cost estimate is required.

Individual persons (who currently cooperate with us or order translation services for the first time), when placing orders in person in our office, are required to pay a minimum of 45% of the translation cost estimate (or a minimum of PLN 50), provided that we receive the original documents; in case we receive duplicates, full amount of the translation cost estimate must be paid in advance.

Lead Time

The order lead time depends on the time category chosen by the client. We do not have different rates for regular translations – we translate as many pages as can be translated into another language in one day.

However, sworn translations are subject to the Law on the Profession of a Sworn Translator from 2004. Therefore, for them, two modes are offered:

  • Regular mode – translation is ready on the next day – basic rate
  • Express mode – translation is ready on the same day – rate increased by 50%.

The lead time is always adapted to the individual needs of the client. Larger projects or documents consisting of many smaller parts can be split among a team of professional translators, which helps to reduce the time needed for translation.

Saturdays and Sundays and official holidays are not included in the lead time and mode of the translation.


We would like to inform that any complaints relating to a translation performed by Translation Centre PAROLA result neither in the automatic reduction of the price nor in a refund of the amount paid. However, we consider each complaint on a case-to-case basis. A partial or full refund may be given if the complaint is recognized, depending on the number and nature of errors in the translation, as well as other reasons for such errors.

However, we shall not be liable for translation errors related to the “localization” services if the customer has not informed us in advance that the content will be used in a country where the standard version of the relevant language does not apply. For more details please refer to the “Localization” page.

After a complaint has been filed by a client, it is taken into careful consideration. If there is too large a disparity between the original text and its translation, the errors are corrected at the expense of PAROLA within the shortest deadline possible.

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